Thursday, April 28 2016

Know About Ecstasy (MDMA) Drug Test

Marquis reagent is a mixture of chemicals named after Eduard Marquis, who discovered a way to spot-test different alkaloids and compounds found in a substance. Today, Marquis reagent is used in MDMA and heroin testing kits. Author is an expert of marquis reagent, go here for more interesting information.

WIM Sci Labs offers a complete testing kit for MDMA or Molly users. WIM Sci Labs test kits include the following:

• 1x (15ml) of MDMA Marquis Reagent sealed in an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Lab Material Certified Dropper bottle. • 1x Instruction card that includes instructions for safe handling, storage and chemical reactions chart.

How do you use WIM Sci Labs test kits? Just follow the easy steps below:

1. Carefully un-wrap the WIM factory seal off the bottle. Using the provided mini tester spoon, place at least .010 to .005 grams of the questionable substance into the empty testing vile. 2. Add one or two drops of the Marquis Reagent into the testing vile. 3. Watch carefully during the reaction time for color changes or any fizzing or smoking. 4. Refer to the color chart printed on instruction card to determine if MDMA is present in the substance. 5. Rinse testing vile and the mini tester spoon thoroughly with soap and water after testing. They should be completely cleaned and dried before your next use. 6. The Marquis Reagent bottle cap should be closed tightly bag to ensure no leakage or exposure. Keep the Marquis Reagent away from UV Rays and high temperatures to avoid degrading the reagent and significantly reduce shelf life.

Disclaimer: Marquis reagent testing results are not always 100% definitive. Use it for your own testing and the results may be based on your own interpretation. When using the testing kit please be safe and use safety gear. You are dealing with corrosive chemicals, after all. Read the warning labels and follow the testing instructions properly.

Thursday, April 28 2016

Monday, April 25 2016

The Benefits of Eating Healthy

They say being healthy is really difficult. Do you believe so?

Truth is, it is not. It may be difficult because you don't have the time to do so or probably you just don't make it part of your priority list because there are far more important things for you to think about. But actually, being healthy is just easy as long as you know and you have understood the benefits it can offer.

Lesser stress We all know the demands of work for this generation is too high that oftentimes, people get tired and exhausted to the point that they burn out. There is just too much stress going on and if they don't even consider exercise as an outlet, it might be dangerous for their health. But, if you choose to eat right and keep yourself healthy, right kinds of foods will help you lessen the stress and anxiety.

No more diseases Standing true to its word, eating the right amounts of food will always keep you away from getting sick. There is a real reason why you need to eat an apple a day to keep your doctor away, you know. Eating vegetables will strengthen your immune system and will keep you surviving the overtime work as well!

Stronger immune system If you are a perfect example of someone who always gets sick of cough and colds and it seems like your body is too sensitive for allergens, then you need to have a strong immune system which can only be from eating right. Now, we know how busy everyday is and sometimes we don't have enough time to prepare, there is iHerb that can help you go through the day without having to have any hassle of preparing anymore. This is the best vitamin supplement for you too! Get an iherb promo code now and get a good deal when you purchase through their website.

Monday, April 25 2016

The Pleasure You Gain in Watching Movies

Like most people, I like to watch movies and general but many of my favoritesare romantic comedies. For me these are wholesome, feel good movies which fuel my hopeless romantic mind, and they almost always have happy endings. One movie I remember is “The Proposal”. This movie features Sandra Bullock as Margaret, a powerful, feared book editor and Ryan Reynolds as Andrew, her assistant who hates her. Source for more about watch movies online free.

Margaret faces deportation problems because of some immigration paperwork that she failed to sort out. In desperation, she told the immigration officer that she is actually engaged to Andrew, who was so stunned to hear of her announcement. She threatens Andrew to go along with her plan or else forget his ambition of becoming editor.

Most of the events happened when they both visited Andrew’s hometown in Alaska. However, the movie was filmed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Margaret met Andrew’s family and she was welcomed warmly. Andrew’s grandmother Annie, played by Betty White, was especially funny. She performs a tribal dance beside a campfire in the forest and asks Margaret to join her.

Andrew and Margaret were involved in some misadventures such as seeing each other nude accidentally, and Margaret falling off a boat. The story was pretty much predictable, but the supporting characters did their best to keep it interesting. There was also a scene of a stripper played by Oscar Nuñez, which was hilarious.

The movie received mixed reviews, some of which are not so good. Most reviewers remarked that it is full of clichés and the lead cast lacks chemistry. Perhaps it depends on a person’s individual taste as there are others who think the movie was great. I do agree that it is a cliché movie, but overall, it is still funny and entertaining.The kind I like to watch on a date night.

Monday, April 25 2016

Thursday, April 21 2016

Pregnancy with acid reflux?

Being a mother would be the most rewarding moment in a woman’s life but it also have its own complication. During a woman’s pregnancy they are not just going to have physical changes but as well as internally such as hormonal and emotional changes. One of the things they may experience is the burning sensation they can feel from the chest or breastbone part to the throat this is often called as heartburn or acid reflux while pregnant. Is this normal? Yes it is. During her pregnancy a certain hormone is being produce in her body that would make the smooth muscles in the uterus area relax which would also separate the esophagus from the stomach which allows the acid to create the burning sensation or acid reflux while pregnant.

Can we eliminate acid reflux while pregnant?

We may not be able to completely eliminate the acid reflux but at least we can do something to decrease the discomfort. Here are some of them:

• Do not eat too much. You can make small meals and make sure to chew them properly.

• Avoid eating food that can contribute to stomach distress.

• You may also try to use an antacid to ease the discomfort but before doing so make sure that you had consulted you doctor.

• Wear comfortable clothes.

• Don’t eat before going to sleep.

• Elevate your body while at sleep.

• Chew gums after eating since saliva can neutralize acid.

• Do not drink too much fluid while eating. You may drink it in between meals.

• You may also drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water since it also eliminates the discomfort.

These are some of the things we can do to ease the acid reflux while pregnant. By doing so heartburn may be minimize and pregnant woman may have the comfort that they need.

Thursday, April 21 2016

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